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  • Toddlers First Thomas and Friends Set

    It’s OK Dad, I’ve got this!

    When I got offered the opportunity to review the Thomas and Friends Railway Pals Destination Discovery Train Set, I have to admit I was probably more excited than Josh! The husband certainly was!

    Now that he is turning two, Josh is starting to get his “favourites” and one of them is Thomas. I have to admit this makes me so happy because both my husband and I loved Thomas the Tank Engine as kids, and it almost lets you indulge in their excitement.

    Hand in hand with this, Josh is at an age where he is keen to do things himself. This train set is one where the toddler pushes everything himself so it’s not all battery operated and it was so lovely to watch Josh get to grips with the train set, which way he had to push it, and the fun announcements and noises the track set made when he went over certain bumps and bridges! These are the “track activation points” and really kept him interested. Lets be honest, toddlers don’t have the biggest of attention spans but this really kept Josh occupied even with the dreaded In The Night Garden determinedly blaring out from the TV!

    The Thomas and Friends set is effectively an educational journey on the Island of Sodor and features some of the most popular and familiar locations. Even more beneficial is that the noises, songs and phrases we hear from the train set help teach little ones about numbers, colours and letters. Josh is at an age where this is a massive plus as I am so keen for him to start picking up on things such as this.

    I think the winning thing about this train set, and bear with me when I initially say this, is that it’s simple. At the age of (nearly) two, Josh isn’t going to benefit from things that are overly complicated, and that have his mind being pulled in several different directions. The simplicity of this set, focusing on bright colours and encouraging him to push the trains  and vehicles himself are actually really helping with his fine motor skills.

    Just chillin’ in the middle of his new train set!

    Another bonus is that this set appears to be pretty hard wearing. Let’s face it; half the fun of these sets is taking them apart and putting them back together again; something Josh takes great pleasure in! But you can tell it’s pretty sturdy and will last which is always a good thing when you’re a parent forking out for a “big” Christmas present like this.

    It appears Thomas is always a winner with little ones and this toy is no exception!  If I am totally honest I wasn’t sure what Josh would make of it but he loves it and I love that it isn’t overly complicated or full of tiny bits I have to worry about him choking on. I have to say I highly recommend this product as an upcoming Christmas present for any train obsessed toddler and you can find it here along with all the product information.

    Because lets face it, sometimes the box is as fun as the toys!

    Disclaimer: We were kindly gifted the Thomas and Friends set in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own. 


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