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  • Week 28 – insecurities, entering the third trimester and eating a lot of cake!!

    Hi Guys,


    It’s been another busy week and one in which I have happily embraced the official arrival of Autumn!  OK, so it’s only September but it’s been so nice to have the weather be a bit cooler!  Autumn is actually my favourite season anyway – I remember as a child I’d count down to Halloween (SOOOO exciting as a kid), then my birthday, then fireworks night and then you’re into Christmas countdown!  So I think I still associate that excitement with this lovely season!

    Now I love it because I truly believe this is the absolute best fashion season; the colours, the knits, the boots, the great excuse to wear outrageous fluffy socks underneath said boots!  I love it and I’ll be doing a post on some of the clothes that have caught my eye so far this season over the weekend.

    Many of you have asked how bump is coming along – all is good at the moment, despite another classic moment of fainting this week!  Thankfully face planting the bed broke my fall beautifully, so I’ve had another relaxing and lazy week!  Standard for me these days!  But I have also taken the time to relax and pamper myself a bit and I’ve got myself a bit of a pregnancy pamper routine going on at the moment which I will fill you all in on.  I think it’s something we should all take the time to do, whether you’re pregnant or not!  It can make such a difference to your mood and outlook on a day just by putting aside a couple of hours to look after yourself!

    As always I’ve done my little pregnancy quiz so here’s this weeks update;

    How far along?  27 Weeks, so I am officially into the third trimester!  I can’t believe it but I am so glad I’m into the last three months now.  Every day I am wondering if the baby is a boy or a girl, and who he or she looks like, so we are getting ever closer to finding out!

    Total Weight Gain:  Well I am now 9 and 1/2 stone.  At the start of this year I was just over 7 stone, which was way too slim and down to a bit of stress.  Although it sounds like a massive weight gain, it does all seem to be bump so I am really fortunate for that! I’ve eaten quite well all the way through, although with a few slices of cake thrown in here or there,  but my portions have certainly been bigger!  But it seems baby is squishing my stomach further upwards so I am getting full a lot quicker now!  Little and often seems to be the way forward in terms of eating!

    Maternity Clothes:  Primark has been quite the little life saver for me as I’ve adopted a “mummy to be uniform” of their stripy tops along with the couple of pairs of maternity jeans I’ve bought.  I had got a new look pair of maternity jeans back when I was about 15 weeks but they are now too tight so I’m down to one pair of jeans and several pairs of maternity leggings.  I am hoping I won’t need to buy any more and just muddle through with what I’ve got, but I do keep wondering what I am going to do about a winter coat!  eBay may be my calling there!

    Stripes Fashion Trend

    Stretch Marks:  I have continued to be lucky and avoid these by bowing to the Bio Oil gods!  For those of you that read my pregnancy must haves post, you’ll know I cannot be without this stuff.  It’s been fantastic and it makes my skin lovely and soft too. I’ve also been using Palmers Cocoa Butter Tummy cream which has been another lovely product to use and is part of my pregnancy pamper routine.

    Sleep: Now, if we are talking sleep in the day, as in a lovely hour or two on the sofa, then yes these sleeps are fantastic and see me through the day sometimes!  But sleep at night has got to be a real challenge again!  As soon as I get settled in bed the restless legs kick in and it’s a nightmare!  It is beyond irritating and there is literally nothing I can do about it!  I’ve tried using some soothing and cooling gel on my legs before bed but it doesn’t seem to make any difference at all!  Eventually I become so exhausted I doze off until about 4.30am, which is when a certain little munchkin wakes up and has a little kicking session to wake me up!  I’m not complaining though – those kicks are the best feeling in the world, and I can only imagine the kicking is good practise for my soon to be early starts!

    Best Moment this Week:  There’s been a few this week.  We went and got a tonne (and I mean a tonne) of stuff for the baby and me at the weekend so I can feel fully organised – I have a hospital bag all packed and good to go (yes,maybe it is super early to do that but at least I won’t have to do it all in a few weeks), we’ve got a cot all built, and lovely ideas for the nursery.  It’s been so fun picking colours and themes and we’ve finally decided what we want.  I won’t reveal for now as I’ll post a nursery tour when it’s all complete.

    I also had a proud wife moment when the husband did a 10k run this weekend, in excellent time (as did some of my very best friends)!  And I’ve had a lovely week at home – I now have a Beauty Baby and Me Office as you can see below  and I’ve also been spoilt with some lovely friends coming to visit me this week to check how I am and how I am feeling.

    BBAM Office

    Miss anything:  I attempted to paint my toenails this week…… it did not go well!  It was like watching a walrus try and stand up or some other impossible feat it can’t achieve due to it’s sheer size!  As an avid beauty junkie I am going to miss making my toenails look pretty but it does give me a nice excuse to book in for a pedicure including a much needed foot massage!

    Movements: Oh my god, amazing, amazing, amazing!  I cannot get enough of feeling the baby move, I love it!  I’ve started monitoring it’s movements as advised at this stage of pregnancy, and I have got a bit of a feel for his/her routine.  Baby tends to go crazy in the early hours, as I mentioned above, and all through the evening!  I love that I can now see some of these movements too and last night I had a very freaky but amazing foot going across the bump movement – I had my hand on my bump so I didn’t see it but I’m 99% sure it was a foot and it slowly sort of dragged across the side of my bump!

    Food Cravings: With the exception of cake (what else is new!), I’ve not been particularly craving much this week!  I’ve still got a really big appetite but with my stomach getting a bit squashed now I’ve noticed if I eat too much in one go I get some delightful acid reflux, so I am going with little and often.  I’m hoping this cake phase will pass soon and I’ll have some outstandingly healthy craving for a couple of weeks instead to compensate!!


    Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not too much.  I notice I feel quite sick when I get the acid reflux, especially if I’ve drunk a lot of water (which is something I am constantly drinking) but as soon as I have a Rennies I feel OK.  After fainting this week, I felt quite nauseous for a day or so but it soon passed.  Hopefully it’ll stay that way as I wouldn’t wish the continued sickness on anyone – it’s awful!

    Symptoms: Baby has grown a fair bit and I’m getting a few kicks up near my ribs, which are pretty painful.  As I’ve already said I’ve started to experience the joys of acid reflux and heartburn, and I have to admit I am getting some pretty sore back aches, which is to be expected at this stage of pregnancy!  But the restless legs are the biggest pain in the neck!  I have the midwife again this week for a blood count so I am hoping my iron count is OK, as I hear that iron deficiency can be a contributor to restless legs.

    Mood:  I am a bit shamefaced about writing this,particularly given what I’ve got to say below on a far more important and less superficial subject.  But the whole point of my blog is to be honest about pregnancy and how I am feeling.  Although I’ve been in a really good mood this week, I’ve also felt the most insecure I’ve felt so far in the pregnancy.  I don’t have much reason – I get such lovely comments saying I look well and I have that glow.  But I think given I’ve had a couple of days of being in my scruffs due to being unwell, I’ve felt a bit rough looking to be honest!  I am not normally one for being insecure – I like to make a real effort with my make up and fashion and I think when you make the effort it gives you great confidence which is a really positive trait (although confidence should never become arrogance)! I know I am quite a lot bigger than perhaps it was expected I would get (having said that, midwife says I am spot on, on my growth chart) which may be contributing a bit and on top of that my hair is dire, I absolutely hate it at the moment, and I feel like my skin is very dull and grey, and basically it’s just one of those weeks where you feel a bit sh*tty looking!  I decided I had to snap out of this and have planned some nice beauty treatments for this weekend to spruce myself up and make myself feel better.  I’m not one to be so grumpy about stuff like this so a swift kick up the arse is what I’ve given myself!

    Looking forward to: Our last break away as a couple!  We are off for a lovely night away next week as a very late birthday present to the husband! We actually delayed it purposely when we found out I was pregnant so we’d have a mini break just the two of us, before life changes forever!!!  I’ll be writing a post on where we’re going and how it all went next week so keep your eyes open for that.

    So that’s me this week.  All in all not bad, and despite my grumpiness about looking a bit rough, it’s been a lovely week.

    I couldn’t end this blog though, without mentioning something I know we’ve all seen this week in the news.  The tragic pictures of three-year old Aylan, washed up drowned on a Turkish beach having tried to flee a war-torn country is more heartbreaking than words can express.  I know this picture will have affected so many of us especially mothers and fathers around the world.  I’ll admit, I’d seen the picture and read the story when it broke on Wednesday afternoon and it was too sad to comprehend.  On Thursday, when some friends popped over, we had the TV on in the background and the news story came up, again showing this tragic photo.  And I’m ashamed to admit it upset me so much I turned the channel over. From a completely selfish point of view, I couldn’t bear to see that horribly sad photo again cause it made me cry so much. Then I felt like a total idiot.  How nice it is for me to be able to turn that news bulletin off so I don’t have to think about what’s happened, that poor boy and his families suffering (lets not forget his brother, a mere 2 years older also drowned along with their mother).  All those people we are seeing on the news, they can’t just change the TV channel and go and make a cup of tea to distract themselves from the terrible goings on around them.  They are having to live this terrifying life, with no security, no real idea of where they are running too, wondering if their families are caught up or hurt or worse in the mass chaos and violence that is surrounding their lives.  If they can’t escape the reality of it, why should I be able to just turn off the TV just because the situation makes me cry.  This is very real and not something anyone should ever have to contemplate.  I cannot imagine the pain and anguish the father of those two boys is going through, and it is truly tragic it’s taken a picture of a drowned little boy to make people sit up and think “ok maybe this isn’t just foreigners coming to take our jobs and use our benefits system (as a lot of people say in what can just be a throw away comment without thinking), this is a lot bigger than that”. I admit, I know very little about politics but I really hope this situation is handled the right way – these are real people, not just images we see in the media, and I for one pray that some sort of calm can be restored to the situation.

    I am sorry if my wording isn’t as PC as some may like, these are just my opinions and I just wanted to address the sadness of the situation.  For those of you with little ones, give them a big kiss and hold them tight tonight.  We should all be grateful for what we’ve got in comparison to those who have just lost everything that could ever matter to them.

    Have a good week guys and look out for more posts this week.




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