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  • Whats In My Changing Bag


    Hi Everyone,

    Todays post is one I’ve been asked to do several times but was slightly worried no one would find it of any interest, but given that so many of you have asked about it I thought I’d go ahead and do one.

    So this is a “what’s in my changing bag” post. I’ve actually read lots of these from other bloggers and I must admit I find them so interesting; I think it’s the nosiness in us all, we all want to know what’s in each others bag!

    So lets get started, and for me this is the best bit – the bag! Oh the bag, I love it SO much! Mine is a Baby Beau Isabelle and it is so beautiful; very chic, classic, and practical.

    bb-bag-1 bb-bag-3 bb-bag-6

    I was beyond thrilled to get this bag, it is so my style. I wanted something that wasn’t too mumsy, but still had the practical side us Mums need with the tonnes of stuff we end up having to carry around for our little ones. This is where Baby Beau absolutely stands out from all the rest for me! It’s unbelievably organised and spacious but also stylish and sophisticated.

    Inside the bag is a gorgeous striped baby organiser that can be removed. It contains a multitude of pockets and allows you to keep everything in order, which frankly I need! I’m one of these who is forever losing her keys, or can’t find the baby’s teether cause I’ve just chucked it in! This allows me to keep things in some sort of order so I can lay my hands on what I need before my baby has a total meltdown.  Even more helpfully, the inner organiser can be removed should you need it to be – it’s kept in with poppers so it’s super easy to take out and can be given as a handover bag to whatever poor soul you’ve got baby sitting whilst you go on a date night!!

    bb-bag-4 bb-bag-5

    As if that wasn’t organised enough for you, even the changing mat is a life saver; and a chic looking one at that (whoever thought a changing mat could look good)! Sometimes when I’m out with Josh and have to go and change him it would be so much easier to grab one small thing rather than the whole bag, and this is where the changing mat organiser is a god send. It’s a wrap style and when unfolded you not only have the cute striped mat (matching the bag lining, obvs), you can also remove it from the leather wrap and underneath is a hidden organiser where you can keep those all important nappies and wipes! This is such a space saver and enables me to have everything to hand when I want to nip and change monkey when we are out at restaurants and play dates!

    bb-bag-mat bb-bag-organiser

    So that’s the bag – and isn’t she beaut! Now on to the insane amount of stuff we have to carry around for this one little person!

    So starting with the obvious stuff; nappies and wipes. As any Mum will vouch never ever leave home without either of these if you’re out and about with little one! Because if you do that will be the day they have a poo explosion, you know, the kind that leaks right down to their socks!! We use a mixture of Pampers nappies (the baby dry ones, especially at night), and good old Aldi Mamia. I can’t really fault the Aldi ones, the price is such amazing value, and they don’t seem to leak. I just tend to use pampers at night as they do stay very very dry and I try not to change Josh’s nappy at night as it wakes him up.

    As for wipes, we use Huggies. I love these as they are thicker than other brands, and have got us out of many pooey, sicky, and generally messy, disgusting situations! They are also super gentle on Josh’s skin. I tend to buy them in bulk using our Amazon Prime account which works out as really good value for money.

    I also carry around some antibacterial wipes. I am a bit cautious with the thought of picking up bugs – I got the norovirus when Josh was just 3 months old and it was horrendous. I don’t want to go through that again and I’d hate for Josh to pick anything up either. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of these uber neurotic mothers who won’t allow her son near dirt, other childrens toys, etc, but if something needs a quick wipe, at least I’ve got some to hand (Praying that no one is rolling their eyes whilst reading that :-). I mostly use them on highchairs when we eat out because Josh creates so much mess!!

    One thing we can never leave the house without is muslins. And in our weird family, we don’t call them muslins, we call them Woos! This is entirely the fault of my beautiful 4 year old niece, her comforter was a woo, so is my nephews and now so is Josh’s! We are a two Woo minimum family – I can’t leave the house without a couple for Josh to have to cuddle or literally just hold on to! Fortunately he doesn’t seem to have a favourite so any woo will do!!!


    Another part of the Baby Beau bag which I adore is the handy little detachable zip pocket pouch. This holds all the little toiletries that I have for Josh in one place:

    bb-bag-inside-bag bb-bag-mini-bag-contents

    With a teething baby, there are many things I wouldn’t be without (thank you Calpol Gods), but one thing that is always in our bag are Ashton and Parsons teething powders. They are a miracle. I don’t even understand what they do, all I know is Josh seems to calm down and be in less pain once he’s had one; he’s very cute and opens his mouth like a little bird waiting for dinner when I am opening one! They are all natural too which is a bonus. I also have this teething necklace, which I actually think is really cute and I loved the colours, and he loves having a good old knaw on that too!

    Teething seems to bring on the sniffles too so we have tried using these Calpol saline drops for him, which often are the most difficult thing to get up his nose, but worth the wrestle cause they work a treat. And you can’t go wrong with a bit of Snuffle Babe Vapour Rub which I often put on his back if he sounds a bit bunged up.

    Other things we wouldn’t be without; Ambre Solaire Sun Cream – a little goes a long way and given I’ve got such a fair baby, I’d pay any amount of money to keep his skin safe! I slather him up even when it’s cloudy; such a Mum thing to say, but those rays really do come through the cloud so it’s best to keep delicate skin protected.  Josh also has a bit of eczema and I was fortunate enough to be sent a pack of goodies from a company called SkinFix recently (look out for my review post on this on Emmas Diary.com next week) which I dab on any areas I see that look particularly red and it’s incredible stuff because it soothes it instantly and by the next day the redness has disappeared!

    I think any breastfeeding mother would agree, Lansinoh nipple cream is the stuff of dreams. Those first few days when you are getting to grips with feeding and it’s really bloody painful, this stuff will be your god send. You’d sell your soul to stock up on it! I’m nearly 10 months down the line and still using it; wonderful stuff!

    I also have some hand sanitizer chucked in there, always handy when you’re making an emergency trip to some less than desirable public toilets, and a handy little card with the signs to look for in meningitis – every Mums worst nightmare, but best to be aware of the signs.

    So what about poor old Mummy, what do I manage to carry around for myself!

    bb-bag-mum-essentials bb-bag-mums-bits

    Babies cost a lot of money! So of course I have my purse which I adore. It’s a Fossil purse but I actually picked up in TK Maxx for £15 rather than the £55.99 the original label said it should be! I also always have my iPod on me; I always have music on in the car for Josh and he’s had to put up with a lot of my awful singing! And I cannot be without my sunglasses; I often have to take Josh out and sometimes we go for a drive just to get him to nap so they are a given!

    I have my own little make up bag in there too, just with the bare essentials, but all items I couldn’t be without; Mac Pressed Powder, Clinque eyebrow pencil, Dior lipgloss. A huge favourite of mine at the moment is the Boots No7 Lip pencil. Its not a lip liner, it’s a chubby lip stick but really light and natural. I adore it! And I’ve also got some tired eyes spray in there, mostly because I’m ALWAYS bloody tired! Hilariously I found another hand sanitizer in there; you guys are going to think I’ve got a real OCD problem!!

    And of course, with any bag, you have your random items floating around. Things you’re not quite sure why you have them or how they got there:


    We have snacks for the boy, snacks for Mummy, emergency breakfast biscuits, the best teething toy in the world, a lone dribble bib and most importantly, the wooden brick! The brick that my kid can currently not cope being without! Random but true.

    So there we have it; that’s a nose at my bag. Thank God it’s a spacious one because as you can see, babies require a lot of stuff!! I hope you enjoyed this post, I’ve had quite a lot of you ask for it! It’s always fun to have a nose at what people have 🙂






    You Baby Me Mummy

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    1. September 16, 2016 / 6:45 am

      Love this Fi, I’m so nosy too! You have a gorgeous changing bag and seem to be so much more tidy than I am…I had to unpack mine when we went to Ireland and found 5 fork and 7 bottle lids. We are also big fans of the triangle teething toy, Emma used to use it as a comforter for months..fab post xx
      Bridie By The Sea recently posted…Nursery: The First HurdleMy Profile

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