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  • What’s in my Hospital Bag So Far (The Second Time Around)!

    Entering the third trimester means that D day is fast approaching. And that means I need to get organised.

    When I was pregnant with Josh I was so organised it was borderline laughable.  At this stage I had the nursery organised, the hospital bags packed and felt fairly relaxed in my approach to the birth. This time…. I have a toddler to keep under control whilst attempting to get organised. I am not totally hopeless; I have bought most of the things I need, at least the bigger things, and they are all in the nursery. I just don’t have them in any order or put together.

    In keeping with this half arsed attempt of organisation, I thought with me now being in the final stretch it might be time I get the hospital bags together.

    When I was getting my bag together for my birth with Josh there was SO much I was told I should pack when in reality I didn’t need half the stuff. But it is nice to be prepared for all eventualities and I suppose if you know you’ve got everything you might need then it’s a bit of reassurance during a time of the unknown.

    I’ve got a few bits for both me and the baby so far so we’re getting there.

    • Babygrows: I now know how quickly newborns get through clothes. These tiny people are capable of pooing an absolutely extraordinary amount and rather than get caught out, I wanted to make sure I had plenty of sleep suits for my tiny one. So I’ve packed six in the form of two packs of three; these gorgeous Fluffy Cloud ones and a pack of night owl ones. Suffice to say I adore them and keep just looking at them; I had forgotten how tiny they can be – it’s hard to remember Josh ever being so tiny!

    Off the scale cuteness!

    • Vests: Again, I wanted to be stocked up on these knowing the rate they are gone through. So what better reason than to get these cute days of the week vests.

    Cute Baby Essentials

    • Hats: I know when the baby is born the hospital will give him or her a little hat (we still have Josh’s fetching green hat from when he was born) but also got this little pack too. Again the cooing was out of control when I saw them!
    • Blanket: I have a couple, including this special one that is part of the family and hand made by my husbands Grandmother. But in the interest of not destroying a family heirloom I also got this cute one as back up.
    • Muslins: An absolute newborn essential. Along with pooing, newborns can’t half throw up a vast amount as well!
    • Newborn nappies. It’s almost quite endearing when you go and buy these and see how dinky they are…. then you see what they fill them with!!
    • Snuggle Bunny: I am a soft touch and I adore these Jelly Cat toys. Josh had one and still carries “Blue Bunny” everywhere with him (it has even had to be rescued from being lost in Tesco before)!

    As for me, I’ve got a few bits so far:

    • As I am having an elective Cesarean Section, I know I won’t need a nightshirt to give birth in. But I most certainly will want some comfortable pyjamas for after the operation. So when I stumbled upon these cat pyjamas of dreams I was in love! They are so soft and comfortable. Along with these I’ve got some feeding vests for nursing.  Comfort is a big part of recovery after giving birth! A good dressing gown is essential too and this beauty will do just the job of making me feel homely and cosy when I’m in hospital.

      Big Bra’s, Big Socks, Big Pyjamas…are you sensing a theme!

    • One thing I got told repeatedly before I had Josh was to make sure I had some cosy socks as your feet tend to get really cold during labour. Random but true. Although I won’t necessarily be labouring I still want to be comfortable and cosy so these cashmere socks are a perfect little luxury!
    • Slightly less luxurious but all the more important, take some flip flops for the showers; I won’t go into details but you’ll thank me later.
    • Big Big BIG knickers. There are the disposable knickers you can buy and I also read a great tip from Clemmie at Gas and Air Blog about using Tena Lady pants which can just be thrown away after use and offer a bit more support than the disposable knickers which still have to house a massive maternity pad in them (oh we do live the glam life). But for me, after having Josh and a Cesarean Section meant I wanted the biggest Granny pants imaginable. Obviously I didn’t want anything even remotely rubbing my scar and when I sent my husband on a pant buying a mission the day after having Josh he was a star and came home with some enormous black pants from Tescos – Bridget Jones would have been proud at the size of them. I got a few pairs so I could just chuck them away afterwards; lets face it, the weeks after giving birth are not the most pleasant…!
    • Nursing Bras: if you thought your boobs couldn’t get any bigger by the end of pregnancy, just you wait till your milk comes in! In keeping with this posts theme, comfort is everything. I’ve got a few bras including these super soft nursing bras. You want anything that is easy to unclip, and not too fussy. The last thing you want is fancy lace rubbing against your nipples when you’re trying to get to grips with feeding.
    • Toiletry Bag! I love this one  even trademarked with an F! It’s nice and big and fits all the essentials you need that are slightly less fun to buy than babygrows and cosy pyjamas. Lets face it the brick sized maternity pads are an essential, along with the breast pads. Another absolute essential to go in the toiletry bag has got to be Lansolin nipple cream. I can’t lie; establishing breastfeeding is a painful business and this cream is a godsend. Along with that it’s nice to have a few essentials that you like; a nice lip balm, face cream, even some minimal make up. Don’t let anyone judge or make you feel silly for this; if it makes you feel good then that’s all that matters. Remember Happy Mummy equals Happy Baby!

    • Another little luxury I’ll be taking with me is the Mama Mio Push Pack This glorious little kit includes a calming facial spritz, Mama pick me up massage oil and Superstar in a jar balm along with an organic soft flannel (birthing partner – your job is to soothe us with this)! The aim of the kit is to soothe and relax any labouring Mama and the ingredients and scents are so calming, I can’t recommend it enough and I’ve not even used it yet!

    Some little luxuries for the labour room!

    • Clothes to go home in: all the focus of going home is centred around the baby and which of the cute babygrows you are going to put them in to wear for their all important journey home.  But us Mama’s need something comfortable to wear as well. Your body has just been through something pretty damn brutual so comfort is key here. I personally think you can’t go wrong with a good pair of leggings and a cosy cardigan. I remember I just wanted to be comfortable after having Josh and it was cold too (as it will be this time) so it wasn’t a time for me giving two hoots about slipping back into my skinny jeans I just wanted to feel warm, comfortable and cosy.

    Cosy going home clothes are a must!

    • An array of random things you may need; hair bands, phone charger, an ipod for listening to any hypnobirthing podcasts and music, any snacks that are permitted during labour (I don’t think I ate any during labour to be honest – the one time during pregnancy that I wasn’t permanently eating!), hand sanitiser and most importantly, HOSPITAL NOTES! Don’t forget them.
    • Of course, this all has to be packed into something! I am in love with this holdall as it can hold so much and still looks so chic! The last thing you need is a flimsy bag that’s going to break the second you get to hospital!

    So as you can see, there  is quite a lot you need to take but having what you need is a reassurance in itself and to have some sort of element of “home from home” when you’re going through something as huge as having a baby is a massive comfort.  I hope some of these tips help you and I’d love to hear your tips for anything else that I may have missed. What were your hospital bag essentials?


    I was kindly gifted items from Next and Mama Mio as part of this post however all thoughts, words and opinions are entirely my own. 


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